The world of wedding fashion is fickle, but our own view on fashion trends remains unchangeble.



We try to make the bridal look special, each time filling it with unique content. To do this, we have everything you need: branded collection of classic wedding dresses from the Spanish, Italian, US manufacturers, collection veils and shoes for the Bride as well as the exclusive collection of wedding and evening dresses, underwear and handmade accessories created by a V&R Wedding Boutique team.



Each image created by V&R Wedding boutique team is an individual project, and a happy smile of bride is our team achievement. Lana Iatsenko Wedding Dresses Collection is our appeal to brides to move away from the imposed stereotypes and to choose the wedding dress, which will be implemented all the multifaceted inner world of women. All dresses in this collection are fundamentally different from each other. We never repeat the same model twice.



V&R Wedding Boutique is more than a place of work for us. Here we create, inspire, exchange plans, ideas, and our smiles. This is a little history in every dress that we continue to write every day.